Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st October 2015

Hi Folks,

Well what a change in the weather , it’s a changing space there’s no doubt about it. We seem to be hitting Autumn weather finally. No one is complaining but it ceratainly shows a change in the weather.  Mind youselves it’s the time you start opting to stay indoors and ignore the good healthy active habits you are now engaged with.

Stay active, stay focused on looking after yourself from an activive lifestyle perspective. It really helps to create a much more balanced you. Healthy mind, healthy body all enable a healthier you .  You will be a much more energised person if you follow the diet, and also engage in regular exercise.

Remember to eat everything we send you, don’t be tempted to skip your snacks, they are all good carbs and good boosters for your sugar levels. If you eat a bar of chololate , yes you will have an energy spike and yes you will crash afterwards, you will crave sweet things and you will break the diet. Be good to yourself, avoid the known failings. We all want success and it can happen and will work for you.

Call me if you want to discuss the diet Ken 086 8167534