Saturday 6th & Monday 5th January-

Hi Folks,

Well we’ve just returned from a very satisfying feed in Fade Street, we were celebrating our son Luke’s birthday.  Food as always was magic. There ias something about eating tapas that makes you feel that you earn that extra mile. Yes we over ate and yes we regret it now. But is was good… ken has given up the drink and looks amazing. He is getting right back into shape and I’m so proud of him.


The food was small portions like starters, but beautifully executed. My advice enjoy the moment, just catch up now you are home.

Soup is always a agreat option and I suggest you always have a bittle to hane. Remember that you never leave the house without your bottle of water and have an empty bowl in place.


Always exercise, this is the recipe for a serious impact on you weight. Remember that you can do it.. lets do it together this year. Start NOW…

Call me anytime and i eil be delightd, en

Ke Taylor , Nrew potential dubved. Pleas ekooh in oflll