Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd December 2016

Hi Folks,   Well all I can say is well done to all of you, you are certainly flying the flag for The Taylor Made Diet. The weight losses we are hearing back from you are fantastic. The healthy glow you feel is because of the omega 3 intake. How many of you notice that your nails grow, your hair is shinier. All to do with your diet. That additional energy boost you get from being devoid of sugar is critical. This energy allows you the opportunity to get active, to get out and walk, run, swim, cycle , whatever tickles your fancy. Lots of you took a short break over the Christmas break. Don’t despair if you slip off the plan and go a bit crazy, that’s what I call life and let’s face it you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t fall off the plan every now and again. It is Christmas… so don’t be hard on yourself. Just get back on track in January. I will be in touch by text after Christmas with a definite delivery on Wednesday the 4th January

Remember this is not a crash diet, this is a re education of your palate and of your portion size.  We Irish are renowned for our large helpings of comfort foods particularly after a boozy night on the town. Get back on track, eat the plan as you have it , remember not to skip your snacks they are crucial in preventing your blood sugar crashing. Eating slow release foods keeps the blood sugar balanced. Call me I’m always at the end of the phone. ken 086 6167534