Thursday 5th June & Friday 6th June 2015

Hi Folks,

The Leaving Cert and Junior Cert start today, God love the poor kids. if your kids are taking exams , remember lots of TLC and support. They will be edgy , ensure they get a good breakfast and have a bottle of water with them.

Well hope you are all happy that we have introduced the salads again. it’s that time of year and we hope it suits. If you prefer soup do call ken , though we think the variety makes lunch more enjoyable.

Nibbles at BBqs are dangerous , watch out for te sugary marinades, remember its away from sugar you are moving on this diet. Too many sticky sausages or spare ribs and you will regret it.

Fruit especially berries are at their finest and now is the time to enjoy. You can puree and mix with natural yoghurt for a refreshing smoothy or make some sugar free jelly and set luscious strawberries and raspberries in the bowl. delicious served with creme fraiche.

Call me anytime Ken 086 6187534