Sat 19th & Monday 21st March

Hi Folks,

Well I hope you all enjoyed the festivities over the last few days , from The wonderful raising of the Irish Flag on Proclamation day;to the Paddy’s day parade. We were certainly blessed with the good weather we had and it was great to see the kids having such a fantastic fun. There’s nothing like a busts of sunshine to make Paddy’s week a week to remember.

Now folks Easter is only around the corner and the sugar filled goodies are on their way. Be strong. Don’t be tempted to start the Easter festivities early. Get yourself together, be focused on the real goal , LOSING SURPLUS WEIGHT stay strong and stick to the diet over the next ten days and then you can have a little break out on Easter Sunday.

Eat everything we give you, no straying, no sneaky fruit or carbonated drinks. remember that the sugar balance is what it is all about. You need to keep your sugar level to stop those dreadful moments when you weaken and dive into a sugary bar or a coke. Your bottle of water is also an essential accessory for everyone . This keeps you hydrated and full throughout the day.

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