Saturday 11th July and Monday 13th July 2015

Hi Folks,

Well I’ll start with an apology, the image I though I sent to the menu never printed we have a glitch on our website, the amazing Doug is tryinmg to resolve this . So that was not a cryptic message on the easy way to lose weight . It was simply technology going west as it sometimes does and me not looking at the final printed product. Apologies again…

Folks you are all doing so well its incredible to hear the weight loss. Thanks to all our new customers for taking on the challenge. I also need to say a big thank to Brendan O’Connor, his articles have really supported our business. We are really grateful that he stuck with the plan and showed that it really does work. Think about it, Brendan had very little to lose and still lost a whopping 17lbs in 8 weeks. . Whata  a man and also a graet advocate for Low GL eating.

Stay focused, eat a little and often. drink copious amounts of water and above all else exercise , embrace a healthier lifestyle and you will achiive a slimmer lighter healthier you. Call me anytime

Ken 086 81675634