Saturday 1st August & Monday 3rd August 2015

Hi Folks,

Well guys we have yet another bank holoiday and another reason to break the diet. Be careful, if you are celebrating and YES you are entitled to do so and should do so, please drink lots and lots of water as well. The water will both keep you hydrated, will fill you and will also stave off the dreaded hangover. So rememeber your friendly water bottle must be with you at all times.

Get out and explore the countryside, walk, run, skip, cycle , swim and generallly get active. You really will be rewarded with lots of energy as a result. The feel good factor is intoxicating… don’t deprive yourself of this please… YOU REALLY DO DESERVE TO ENJOY A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HABIT.

Remember to eat often and always to take your breaks , they are the secret to keeping your blood sugars level. So just remember to eat them.

Call me anytime , have a blast over the weeekend. Ken 086 8167534