Saturday 29th August & Monday 31st August 2015

Hi Folks,

Well the autumn is fast approaching I can feel it in my bones as my mother would say. I never realised what this meant until the last few years. When you get up in the morning and your shuffling to walk and make it out to the bathroom. It’s as if your brain is not sending the messages … God I hope it’s not the onset of dementia…. \You young folks wont realise what Im talking about,

Get out and walk, jog, run, skip, cycle, whatever floats your boat it’s what you will stick with. If you hate the gym don’t pay the fees you won’t go.You will lose weight by dropping your food intake, thats a given, if you exercise alongside the diet you will tone up and get your metabolism working, Thats a guarantee. The key to success is finding something you enjoy doing. its the only way you will stick with the programme. Forcing yourself to do something you hate will eventually fail as you will stop the habit. So persevere , believe in yourself and be honest.

Water as I said before is a crucial elenemt of the diet, it realy is your greatest friend as you move and shift to a healthier lifestyle. You are well on your way now so lots and lots of water. Stay away from caffeineted drinks, from fruit juice as well as it tends to be loaded with sugar. Dont be fooled.Remember to eat 5 times a day, don’t skip the snacks they are really important. Call me anytime Ken 086 816753