Saturday 29th January & Monday 1st February

Hi Folks,

Well what a crazy week,it goes so fast when you’re busy. I hope you are all sticking with the plan .Remember you must eat everything we give you. All your snacks and your omega 3 pack.

This really is very important. It is crucial that you learn to snack throughout the day. This keeps your blood sugars level and ids the answer to your cravings. By eating a little and often you are definitely going to keep the hunger pangs away.

Fruit can be lethal and fruit smoothes are laced with sugar.Don’t go there. If you are a juicer remember that you must put your Kale and spinach in and then blitz mostly green vegetables; otherwise its all sugar that you are taking in, best plan is to stick to ¬†fresh berries and just what fits in the cup of your hand.

Water – you will need at least 8 glasses. Dont cheat drink copious amounts of water.

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