Saturday 6th June & Monday 8th June

Hi Folks,

Weather to improve , hold it together , I know we are all beginning to despair.It’s nice but not the sunshine we were expecting for the midsummer month of June!!

Great reports of huge losses pouring in from all of you, 10lbs, 2 stone, 15lbs, all fantastic and even more losses than that.

Great thumbs up for the summer salads, the are a lovely refreshing and a light lunch. Everyone loves them. Delighted to get positive comments back thanks for taking the time to tell us.

Do spread the Taylor Made Diet Gospel, let your friends and colleagues know. We still remain one of the best kept secrets of all time.

Remember no fruit for 10 days , allow the body to detox when you start and absolutely no caffeine. This may cause headaches for a couple of days but once your body adjusts you will find that this will change. The benefits far outweigh the pain.
A litre and a half of water a day if you can ,,, it’s worth every drop…

Call me anytime I’m always at the end of my phone anyday. ken 086 8167534