The TMD Featured in the Irish Independent

Well what a great reaction from Brendan O’Connor our celebrity ‘Slimmer for Summer ‘ candidate. He lost a whopping 17lbs over seven weeks and he didn’t have a lot to lose. he certainly stuck with the plan apart from last week. We are very grateful to Brendan for giving The Taylor Made Diet a fair shot. His statements are so true, knowing when you’ve had enough is a critical habit that you must master before you really can take on the diet and onky that it will become part of a long-term healthy eating lifestyle plan.

You can read Brendan’s final article here.

The food in the bag is nice. There’s variety so you don’t get bored. There are various flavours and ethnicities. You don’t feel like you are on a diet. You don’t obsess about food and what you can’t eat, which is the problem with most diets, the obsession with food and what you can’t eat.Brendan O'Connor