Thursaday 18th & Friday 19th February 2016

Hi Folks,

Well midterm is a dodgy week, the kids are off and all the usual treats are being carried out in families around the country. The house etend to fill with goodies and excuses for take aways and bread and other white carb excuses. Don’t fret the week will pass and you will end up happy that you have just remained at your normal weight. The trick when under thsi pressure is not to gain weight.

  1. Be cautious and follow the simple rules:
  2. Eat 5 times a day
  3. Drink a glass of water before your breakfastand then another glass after your breakfast.
  4. Drink 6 more glasses throughout the day.
  5. Avoid everything WHITE it’s always an indicator of bad carbs or food to be avoided .
  6. Eat fish with tomato based sauces.
  7. Watch portion sizes, think one third good carbs carbs, one third protein ( good vegetables) and one third meat or fish

Above all else be kind to yourself being happy overides all other emotions.¬†Call me anytime …Ken 086 6167534