Thursday 14th May & Friday 15th May 2015

Hi Folks,

Well folks we are flying high these days. I’m just back from the JCSP Graduation in my wife’s school where I watched 32 lovely kids celebrate their lives to this point.The inocence of youth. It was such a warm and fuzzy feeling to see these guys stand tall and proudly accept their certificates. They had lots to show and stood proudly as they received their JCSP Profiles.

They were happy, their parents and guardians were happy, I was happy and yes there was an orgy of carbohydrates and fistfulls of sugar to celebrate this success. Cholcolate was in over supply. I saw kids go up for 3 plates of cakes which they washed down with fizzy drinks.

The Irish never seem to amaze me…we are truly an amazing race, we preach healthy foods, ban fizzy drinksin school and then when we celebrate we drown the kids in coke and stuff them with white bread sanwiches ( remember how gorgeous they are… ) and creamy sugary cakes. What messages are we giving teh kids …and caffeine laden soft drinks …Nuts isn’t it. And yet all we read about is obesity and stateof our nations children…
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