Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th February 2017

Hi Folks,

Well spring is certainly on its way with Valentine’s day gone we are in the short run through to Easter.  Can you believe it, I really can’t . Once you see those lovely long evenings and the bright light flooding into your home it heralds the spring. It’s  a great time to take stock. Have you wondered at the sways of yellow daffodils gracing your garden and the motorways. It really is a great uplifting sight.

You now need to start planning for the Summer, the new you. The you that will have less layers covering the overweight body that you’ve been getting into shape. You will be out there flaunting everything you’ve got. And why not. Drink copious amounts of water and wash all those toxins away. You’ll feel amazing on the diet, you’ll have lots of new energy so go exercise. The weather won’t be an excuse for much longer…stay focused you CAN DO THIS…

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Stay true to teh diet, at thsi point you know it works.