Thursday 23rd July & Friday 24th July 2015

Hi Folks,
Well I hope you are all happy and enjoying our summer, I know it’s not exactly great but it’s pleasant and that’s what matters. You can get out and about and walking is a pleasure rather than a trial. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to shed a ton of weight walking along the prom but it’s so good for your mental health and your vitality. It’s amazing how you feel energised after a long walk and how you simply glow from the feel of the wind against your cheeks. Go for it , you will enjoy it. Sticking with the diet can at times be difficult particularly if you are having a bad day. They’re the days to say , ‘No, I am being good today’ , they’re the hard days and the days that are sent to try you. You’ll tend to have that caffeinated coffee or a stolen scone as your snack and I guarantee you that you will feel immediately miserable both from the sugar rush and the withdrawal symptoms you will experience within a half an hour. Think the bad old days when you had a McDonald’s burger … lets face it, it was magic as it hit the lips but within thirty minutes you felt unsatisfied and HUNGRY.. that’s because you were. It caused the cravings that you get from eating High GL foods. Your body then rushes to store what you’ve eaten as fat and we are back on the roundabout again. I guarantee you this is part of the re-education you need as a Taylor Made Lifestyle client. This plan is a long-term plan not a QUICK FIX.. Call me anytime Ken 086 8167534