Thursday 24th September & Friday 25th September 2015

Hi Folks,

Well we celebrated Ken’s 60th birthday this week and wow did we splurge out, We were treated to an amazing michelan star extravaganza that would blow your socks off. We were floating in cream and butter – simply divine, every morsel was an electrifying explosion of tastes that remind you why it is so good to be alive.

However folks, let me say that one of the most amazing things about eating at that Michelan star level is that the portion control is so rigid that no matter how much you eat, you still eat less than a standard meal in a middle of the road restaurant. It was a gastonomic delight and yes, we washed it down with heavenly bottles of wine that oozed with calories. But guys you’ve got to live and live we did.

When you do spurge the secret is to get back in the saddle again… just go back and eat the portion controlled GL meals that we supply you with and within 48 hours you will be back on track. Yes it’s that easy.
Don’t feel guilty. We are here all to enjoy life , the secret is to do so in moderation…and yes Ken had a ball on his birthday!!!

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