Tuesday 12th January & Wednesday 13th January 2016

Hi Folks,

Well you’re week one into your DETOX. Those of you starting are only 10 days away from feeling absolutely great.The boated feeling you’ve had since Christmas is disappearing. this is great. It takes 10 days to get your blood sugars balanced and to realise that you are able to stick to the plan and that it is EASY.

Remember absolutely NO FRUIT for 10 days.Then when you introduce fruit you only eat fruit with a berry in it. The preferred fruits are blueberries and other such fruits as they have the lowest sugar content and are Low GL. Stay well away from pineaple and grapes as they are loaded in sugar. Enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruits and don’t add sugar.Fruit juices are to be avaoided as they inevitably have some sweetners within. If you are a smoothey person stick with the mixed berries and add vegetables as you go.

I see LIDL( I think ) are selling a nutrition blaster this week for €39 and it has a 600watt motor. Th Nutri Bullet is 700watt. Don’t know anything about the machine but sounds pretty good for the price. Smoothies of mixed fruits and vegetables can be very pleasant and this might be an opportune time to invest in a cheaper nutrition bullet. Stick with the plan eat everything and nibble on your nuts and seeds. Copious amounts of WATER V- very important. Call me if you wish to discuss the Plan. Ken 086 8167534