Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th November 2015

Hi Folks,

Well there are only 5 weeks until Christmas and folks with Christmas parties you really only have a solid four weeks to go. Get real you must be really good and get stuck in now. If you don’t that little black number just wont work.

Remember that all you have to do on the Taylor Made lifestyle plan is to eat everything we give you and at the times we tell you. Do not cheat, do not skip your breaks . The worst thing you can do is eat less than we give you. Creating a sugar crash will tempt you to binge and then all hell breaks loose. You will fall and you will eat the wrong food. So stop now and decide that the next four weeks will be rigidly adhered to. You can lose another stone over the next four weeks if you try very hard.

Stay focused, the results will happen we all know the diet works… call me anytime… Ken 086 8167534