Tuesday 1st September & Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Hi Folks, Can you believe that we are now into September , where did the Summer disappear to. Honestly I am shocked to think that we are into the season of Autumn , we’ll be donning the winter coats before we know it.Yes folks this is me without the beard and preparing food for The Taylor Made Lifestyle diet. This is the one diet that will work for you. All you need to do is focus , stay committed and don’t fool yourself into thinking you can cheat,believe me you can’t.remember that you need to eat everything you receive from us, your snacks are critical they keep your sugar levels balanced and stop the dreaded cravings that we all succumb to at times. Belive me when I say that you will drop a stone without even noticing that you are dieting. After the first few days you will be into the fat burning zone and you will be presenting a balanced sugar level. No fruit until after the first ten days, this is crucial and then only Berries. Blueberries on you muesli are excellent with natural yoghurt. Go on spoil yourself… call me anytime Ken 086 8167534