Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Hi Folks,

Well I hope you are all enjoying the fine weather, its magic to see the sun shining and the kids out playing and the waves of walkers along the prom in Clontarf. Exercise really is a vital component to ensure you change the habits you now have. The Taylor Made Diet promotes an active lifestyle as part of your life changing healthy approach to achieve the new slimmer you. Go for a walk, cycle, run, swim, dance, skate anything that you can begin to enjoy as a normal part of your day is the key to success. If you hate the gym, don’t go, find the activity you enjoy as that way you will keep it up. The guilt if you pay a fee for a gym and don’t attend is enough to upset your rhythm while you are on the Diet. remember you are learning how to eat less, eat more often and eat the right foods balancing your sugar intake all the time.

When you are out for dinner remember to divide your plate in 3. One third will be good carbs in the shape of vegetables, one-third will be protein Meat or fish and one-third will be slow release carbs such as brown rice , brown cous cous or Bulgar wheat. Remember to stay away from white foods, your cream sauces, your potatoes, your ice cream, bananas, white rice and pasta.After 10 days on the diet you can reintroduce fruits. anything that is a berry is best. A small apple is Ok also. Stay away from grapes and pineapples as they are sugar rich.Have a good week and call me anytime you need a chat. Ken 086 8187534