Tuesday 23rd June & Wednesday 24th June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well what a lovely sunny week we’ve just had and today being Midsummer’s Day certainly didn’t disappoint. We enjoyed a fresh though windswept walk along the Wooden Bridge in Clontarf. It was lovely and invigorating and got the body motivated for action.

Remember as you drift into your new healthy lifestyle the habits you are developing are going to be your secret to sustaining your weight loss. it is an essential aspect of the ‘New You’ that you embrace this change and spend time looking after yourself. Consider why you are craving foods, Is it because you have left a long gap between meals. It is essential that you eat everything we give you, all your snacks and your omega 3 pack to ensure that you don’t allow your body to start to starve. If you do your body will go into survival mode and will store fat. We want the body to know that food always arrives and that it does not have to store food as fat. That is a crucial habit you are teaching your metabolism.

Water and lots of it is an essential part of the Taylor Made Diet also. Always drink as much water as you can. Remember your best friend IS your bottle of water.

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