Tuesday 29th april & Wed 30th April 2015

Hi Folks,
What a great weekend for the Taylor Made Diet and our loyal clients. We were absolutely thrilled to read of our celebrity TMD’ers success over the last two weeks. Brendans 9lbs loss in two weeks was a fantastic achievement as was Maire’s , Joan’s and Brendan’s very healthy weight loss. Between you all you lost a whopping 3.4 stone. Remember that does not include those of you who do not track your weight on the website. Remember that this tracker tool is available to you to use. Just go on line and register your weight and track your weight loss, it is guaranteed to keep you motivated and focused.We are delighted with our celebrity weight loss to date and and hope this wil help to put our product out there on the market.As you know we are a small family business and we struggle to market our product. Our food is fresh, is produced with the best of ingredients and will guarantee you success if you stick with the Taylor Made Diet Plan.Habits are central to this life changing process. Knowing how much food to eat, being able to choose the right foods to eat on your day off and not being obsessed with what you eat. Remembering that it is the end game that matters. A slimmer, healthier fitter YOU is what we are looking for and hoping to achieve, That is the end game , that is the YOU you want. It is possible to achieve believe me…. I know it is, I’ve done it. The diet works…. The diet is enjoyable ..It can work… it will work… but you must give yourself the chance to succeed. Believe in the future… Believe in yourself…Believe in the Taylor made Diet…Ken 086 8167534