Tuesday 4th August & Wednesday 5th August 2015

Hi Folks,

Well I hope you’re motoring well through the bank holiday weekend without too many slips off the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan. Don’t worry too much if you have , you can recover very quickly by sticking with the diet from today.

Have you embraced the recommended exercise that needs to be a part of your every day activity. We really need to see you out there walking, running, skipping, swimming or cycling, whatever makes you happy and floats your boat. You will continue with theexercise habit if and only if you enjoy the activity. I’ve said this before, don’t try to embrace an activity that you hate, don’t join a gym if you’ve failed before, do something that costs nothing and that you enjoy. The objective is to develop a lifestyle habit that works for you. Remember losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% activity. You won’t lose weight by simply exercising, that’s a fallacy. Dont buy into this. The real success comes when you reduce the food intake. With your lifestyle plan you will still eat delicious wholesome healthy food, but because the food is balanced you will have lots of energy and feel full. Believe me…it happens without you realising it…Call me anytime if you want to chat through the Taylor Made Lifestyle Plan , to share your weightloss success or to make any suggestions to improve the product .
My number is 086 8167534 Ken