Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th September 2016

Hi Folks,

Well we’re finally back live on the internet. Our Web Designer was overworked and simply couldn’t find the problem. It seems we are finally back on track again , I’m really delighted and relieved. The  SWIPE payment facility is also available again so feel free to pay on line again. It makes life so much easier for everyone. Call me if you want to set up and are having difficulty. Doug has tested the payment SWIPE system and assures me all is working now.

Kids are now back in school, we can all relax into a routine at last. No more excuses there’s no excuse for being unkind to yourself. You are the most important person in today’s universe.

Get out and join an exercise group, look at walking, running, cycling, swimming or take up a sport you used to enjoy. Do it today and you will be thrilled by Christmas.

Call me anytime to chat through the Taylor Made Lifestyle Plan. Spread the word for me please with your friends.

Ken 086 8167534