Tuesday 9th June & Wednesday 10th June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well what a great reaction from Brendan O’Connor our celebrity ‘Slimmer for Summer ‘ candidate. He lost a whopping 17lbs over seven weeks and he didn’t have a lot to lose. he certainly stuck with the plan apart from last week. We are very grateful to Brendan for giving The Taylor Made Diet a fair shot. His statements are so true, knowing when you’ve had enough is a critical habit that you must master before you really can take on the diet and onkw that it will become part of a long-term healthy eating lifestyle plan.

Habits are broken in three weeks and reformed and embedded as practice in seven weeks. Brendan has mastered the art of choosing the non carb option, of knowing when he has had enough to eat and also choosing the sugar-free option to avoid the dreaded sugar spikes that result in the crash that leads to a major breakout. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of sugar addiction, break this habit . You must to keep the blood sugars level and to master you eating going forward.

Congrats to Brendan and a very big thanks you, really appreciated the fact that he stuck to the diet and lost the weight. Great for business. Please spread the Taylor Made Diet gospel. We know it works!
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