Thursday 19th & Friday 20th November

Hi Folks,

Well folks hope your week is going well.It’s such a thrill to stand on the scales at the end of a good week and see the results of your will power and your avoidance of sugar. It’s so simple really when you realise how to avoid the foods that are high GL and will cause you to release sugar quickly into your blood stream. remember it’s the slow release carbs that you want to eat so that you maintain an even blood sugar level and so avoid a sugar crash.

It’s very important that you supplement your diet with good fruits., A small apple is OK, any fruit with BERRY on the end of it is slow release. Avoid bananas and Grapes as they are loaded with sugar.

Water is an essential part of the diet and you need to drink copious amounts every day. The water will flush the toxins from your body and also fill you up. A glass of water when you wake will take the hunger off you.

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