25th June & 26th June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well what a scorcher today was , we’re well on our way to summer, I hope. You’re all doing so well. I can’t believe the results that are flooding in. The outcomes are excellent, 12lbs and 14lbs all over the place it really is a testimony to how successful the Taylor Made Diet actually is, all you need is the will to stick to the plan. Lets face it you won’t go hungry. I had my fajita tonight and God they’re good. What a whack of flavour as you eat into the wraps. Dripping and licking your fingers is the ultimate pleasure… am I right.

I really love that over the plate food , it just is fingerlicking good as it drips through your fingers. Lets face it it’s not dinner party food , far too messy and enjoyable to be polite eating it.

Water, I can’t stress how important water actually is , it is your absolute best friend on the diet. Never leave without a bottle in your bag, in your car in your pocket. Sip on water all day and night long . You will reap the rewards.

Now stick with the plan, the weekend and your day off is neatly here. Be good you’ll be delighted with the results. Call me anytime. Ken 086 8167534