Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th November 2016

Hi Folks

Just want to make sure you are all very clear about the effect of alcohol on your blood sugar . Remember that maintaining a level blood sugar is essential and the key to your success on the Taylor Made Diet (Low GL diet. )
Maintaining adequate blood sugar levels is one of the key functions of your metabolism, but when you drink alcohol, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is one of the first elements of metabolism to be shoved aside in your body’s rush to excrete the toxins as efficiently as possible. Alcohol inhibits your body’s ability to make glucose and to maintain healthy levels of glucose (or blood sugar) in the blood. Over time, heavy drinkers develop glucose intolerance and can even become diabetic. Even occasional alcohol consumption can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar levels, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. That’s why drinking alcohol can be very dangerous for diabetics and hypoglycemics. Alcohol Can Cause Weight Gain. Be careful. The fact that you cause an imbalance and a sugar rush this causes the inevitable crash when you stop. You will get the Munchies, you will crave and eat chocolate, comfort food sugar etc etc. Avoid this by only taking the odd drink and by staying as far away from caffeinated drinks that you can.Drink lots and lots of water, still water straight from the tap . Avoid sparkling waters , you don’t need them. Call me anytime, text me or email me.Ken 086 8167534.