Saturday 18th July & Monday 20th July 2015

Hi Folks,

What a great relaxing and foody holiday we had in Italy, far too much eating and the vino went down an absolute treat not to mention Ken’s sinful brandy Alexanders last thing at night. No amount of swimming in the lake or sitting by the lake sweltering in 34 degrees can counteract the high intake of calories over the holidays. But God they went down well and we certainly enjoyed every one of them. The waistlines , yes they have expanded, but won’t take too long to lose the weight gained now that we’re home . God it was a pleasure to eat mediterranean style, lots of olive oil, fresh vegetables and grilled meats and fresh fish from the lake. magical and mouth-watering. Yes we were happy foodies away in food heaven . It’s amazing though , from being on the Taylor Made Lifestyle plan you choose well, you watch what you eat and you save the gluttony for fresh food not swimming in cream but rather in tomato based sauces. Simply delicious fresh food and while we never count calories on our holidays , that would make holidays pointless for us, we simply enjoy , but your appetite seems to be reeducated and the weight gain is never too much. You just need to return to your Taylor Made Healthy Lifestyle as soon as you get back to prevent bad habits forming.

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