Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 2015

Dear All,

One of our very happy mums has just finished with us having lost a whopping 30lbs since her baby was born . What a great result and so well deserved. She is not our only happy mum. The Taylor made lifestyle plan is really a great way to return to your baseline after having a baby. It simply works and emails from clients are proof that the Taylor Made Lifestyle really does work. Do spread the news.

Christmas is but a blink away and we will be arranging Gift token is you feel you would like to share the Taylor Made Lifestyle with a loved on as a gift. Lots of customers have done this in the past and we would be delighted if you would consider this as part of your Christmas shopping list.

Its getting colder but not a reason to eat more. Stay focused, don’t be tempted you’ve only a few more weeks until you’ll be out showing off the new trim you .

Enjoy the weekend and don’t go mad on your day off.

Call me anytime. Ken 0868167534