Menu Saturday 12th & Monday 13th April

Hi Folks,

What a glorious week we are having and with the kids on holidays, it is a great time for families to get out and get active. Remember that you are launching yourself into a whole new way of living once you embark on The Taylor Made Diet. We are supporting you as you re educate your palette to eat low GL foods, slow release high energy superfoods. Gone will be the creamy high sugar sauces that cause you to have sugar rushes and subsequent crashes. You will engage in a more even diet that will make you feel full throughout the day.

Eating five times a day and nibbling on your Omega three seed pack is what will stave off your hunger cravings. Make sure you eat a little and eat often. This is key to the success of the diet. The food is packed with superfoods and vegetables so you are getting your allowance of all your foods required.

Remember no fruit for the first 10 days and then only fruits with a ‘Berry’ on the end. Just hold off on supplementing the diet with fruit until the first ten days are over. Blueberries are the best when you do introduce them and lovely on your meusli with natural yoghurt. Drink volumes of water , it flushes the toxins away and will help with the diet.
Call me anytime, any day, I’m always available to chat through things. Ken 086 8167534