Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th January 2016

Hi Folks,

Well wrap up well there’s a freeze on the way. I was shocked to have a flurry of snow as I drove home from school. You’ll burn lots of calories as you stay warm. Don’t be tempted to deny yourself your exercise regime just because it’s cold. Remember you are about getting youself into a healthy, fitter regime that is going to stay with you forever. The Taylor Made Lifestyle plan is all about a new healthier plan, a long life plan and not about crash dieting. This is the plan that will re educate your palate.

Water irrespective of the cold is absolutely critical. Drink copious amounts of water and ensure that you are always within arms distance of a bottle of water. Drink , drink and drink water, water and even more water. The more the merrier. It really is the secret. you are flushing the toxins from your system and also detoxing and filling yourself up with a zero calory drink. Believe me you will grow to enjoy water it is the key to success.

Call me anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Any favourite dishes you would like me to create just ask and I will try.

Ken 086 8167534