Saturday 20th June & Monday 22nd June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well our wonderful daughter Rebecca arrived home from Dubai today and the house and our lives are now awash with energy and chatter. God it’s great to her home.After the horrific tragedy that happened in Berkley we parents hate when our kids go away and just love to see them back on Irish soil, safe and healthy. WE have to give them rights of passage, but my God it is an awful worry.The relief when they come home is just wonderful.

To celebrate we went out for nibbles and somewhat like Taste last week we enjoyed the nibbles on offer in our tapas restaurant on the seafront, Papillon. It was lovely and there’s always the sense that we are not eating too much. WE may be deluded but enjoying a little of what you like is always a good plan, deprivation does not make you happy and the psychologists will say it has a negative impact on your lifestyle change. That’s why we designed the Taylor Made Lifestyle healthy eating plan to enable choice and avoid the deprivation that goes with strict seven-day diets .

Stick with the Taylor Made plan , if you break it, be sensible. A little and often is the key to success.Call me any time Ken 086 8167534