Saturday 20th & Monday 22nd February 2016

Hi Folks,#

I hope you have survived the midterm, its almost over … allow yourself some relaxation time. Be kind to yourself. Get out and take brisk walks you will feel a lot better .

Remember to always eat 5 times a day and to always drink copious amounts of water. We are made up of 70% water and it is crucial that we detox daily through flushing out our organs . This way you will feel the beenfits of a cleaner internal system.

Sugar is the greatest enemy we have , avoid it all costs , be careful that you don’t allow yourself to binge as this will inevitably cause you to crash and then break the diet. Believe me it’s just not worth it. You will regret this action. I promise.

Stay true to the Taylor Made Lifetsyle plan , it works I promise you it does. You will lose the weight and slowly , but above all else you will change your eating habits and stay slim. Go stay focused and enjoy the weekend.

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