Saturday 20th & Monday 22nd May 2017

Hi Folks,
What a lovely day perhaps the summer is on its way. I can’t stress enough to you the importance of drinking water every day. When you wake in the morning and I know you won’t want to do this, but what you need to do is to drink at least 2 glasses of water, not carbonated water just plain tap water. This will fill your stomach and start up your metabolism. This really does start the day off well. The added bonus is that you are hydrating your body. Just do it… they end up being your easiest water intake of the day believe me I do it every day… it sets you up first thing in the morning.
Then always have your friendly bottle of water with you at all times… never leave home without your water supply. It’s key to a successful diet regime and to a healthier lifestyle. The Taylor made lifestyle plan is most definitely the support you need to stay on track. to re-educate your palette and to re-educate your diet. Follow the plan and you will develop new lifestyle habits that will support a healthier you.
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