Saturday 23rd May & Monday 25th May 2015

Hi Folks,

Well we’re almost down another week and I’m sure another 2lb-3lbs. Im sure you’re blown away by all the extra energy that you have , remember this is all part of the new lifestyle you are creating. The extra energy you experience is a direct result of what you are putting into your mouth. Use this extra energy , go out get fit, the extra energy you have is not for sitting in front of the TV it is for walking, cycling, running, dancing, swimming in fact for whatever makes you happy. Rememeber you are forming another habit, the habit of regular exercise. Really is essential that you develop alomgside the re education of your dieta new exercise routine. Choose something that you enjoy doing. if you hate teh gym dont join, buy a bike. We took up cycling last year and all was going well until Paula got sick. Paula was amazed taht after 40 years she could still cycle and enjoy it. Give it a go, you’ll love the freedom. This way you will burn extra calories as well as getting a better body shape. Water is also essential, the more you drink the better. Now don’t go for the carbonated water , stick with pure flat water. Its better for you. Try the kangon water its pure and it is the absolute best water you can drink. We use ut when we cook for you, steeping all the raw product in Kangen water before we cook with it. Really reccommend this as a very healthy water. Call me if you want to chat through anything. Have a great weekend and be good on your day off. Kem 086 8167534