Saturday 25th July & Monday 27th July 2015

Hi Folks,

Are you all focused, ken lost a whopping 10lbs since we returned from holidays and how, eating the Taylor Made Diet. Yes as i said earlier we over indulged, we enjoyed the vino and we certainly lived the dolce vita. It was agreat but God you get lazy and you break all your great habits.

Water I can’t state enough just how important water is to the Taylor made Lifestyle. it really is central to your success. As I often state Water is your best friend when living the Taylor made lifestyle. You need to always have a bottle to hand, REMEMBER it must be the non carbonated type… that’s really important.

Decaffeinated teas coffee and soft drinks again are a crucial aspect of the plan. caffeine will make you crave sugar… that’s its purpose, so don’t allow yourself to be fooled into thinking you need the caffeine , believe me you don’t.

Go enjoy your day off over the weekend, but don’t go crazy , you know how much you should eat so stick with this , but do have your favourite meat , fish or scampi.

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