Saturday 30th May & Monday 1st June 2015

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Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in the world5 Irish Adults (18 years and over)
• Two out of five Irish adults – 39% (45% of men; 33% of women) are overweight6
• One in four – 25% (24% of men; 26% of women) is obese6
• The trend towards obesity in Ireland is increasing. Between 1990 and 2000 the prevalence of obesity increased by 67% overall, up 1.25 fold in women (from 13%) and up 2.5 fold in men (from 8%)7
• Ireland has the fourth highest prevalence of overweight and obesity in men in the EU and the seventh highest prevalence among women2
Irish Teenagers (13-17 years)
• One in five teenagers is overweight or obese (11% overweight and 8% obese)
• There has been a significant increase in teenage obesity since 1990 with an 8-fold increase in males (1% to 8%) and a 2-fold increase in females (3% to 6%)
This is a major societal problem – the “toxic environment” needs to be targeted as it simultaneously restricts mobility and stimulates higher calorie intake. A population health approach, tackling both policy and legislation is required to create a supportiveenvironment in which individuals are empowered to change if they choose. call me anytime Ken 08868167534