Saturday 4th & Monday 6th March 2017

Hi Folks,

Well  are you as confused as I am. I have been following the diet all week and then comes Friday and the dreaded weekend. Once my schedule is gone I am weak willed. I am finding exercise as my greatest bugbear and yet I know and believe that it is incredibly important for success and for a healthy life. Engaging in regular exercise is the most difficult part of the programme for me, this together with my self medicated glass of vino . I like to swim , but the walk from the dressing room to the pool, eyes down, making no eye contact with anyone ever is what I call ‘The walk of shame’ – Anyone ever been there? Why is the stairs into the pool at the furthest point from the entarnce to the pool? have they no consideration for people like me? After a difficult week in school. I believe that I need my self medicated glass of vino for my stress levels.  In truth it is merely a bad habit and one that I always regret the next morning when I feel that I have over indulged and have destroyed the good work I have achieved by sticking with the plan all week.

I hope this week and my zero tolerance to alcohol works as I plan to restart the diet with zero alcohol having been under the weather following lots of vino last night. I’m at the NEVER, EVER AGAIN stage… but I had fun and it felt good at the time… Call Ken if you have any queries or simply want to discuss the plan , 086 8167534