Saturday 5th & Monday 7th March 2016

Hi Folks,

What a wet and miserable Thursday and doesn’t if feel a lot like snow… Shock to the system and everyone is feeling low. Don’t allow yourself to get swayed. Eat as the plan directs , 5 meals a day two of which are your super snacks. remember that the secret of success is the development of the habit of eating, but eating the right food.

Always consider the  colour of the food you eat. If it’s white it’s very often bad for you, think sugar, milk, cream, flour, icecream, bread , cappuccino etc. Now if you go for the brown variety of the same product you will be surprised at how much better it is for you. The less refined brown products are slower release foods. Thye are lower GL and often represent good carbs. It’s simple steer away from white carbs …

Consider the size of the portion of food that you eat. By following the lifestyle plan you will be re educating your palette and you will soon know immediately if your portion size is too big. Stick with the portions we are serving you and you will lose the excess weight.

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