Saturday 7th January & Monday 9th January 2017

Hi Folks,

Well this is the 12th night and Christmas is officially over! Can you believe it. I’m personally flabbergasted at the speed that the New Year has arrived. Folks you can officially now from tomorrow to begin to detox, take stock and curb your growing appetite for all thing ‘sugar’ laden.

It is one if the greatest powers the body has over us that within 10 days new ‘bad habits ‘ can form. You would think this was impossible but no it is NOT. Believe me when I say that as your bad habits crept in over Christmas so quickly your good eating healthier habits will become established just as quickly.  Give it TEN DAYS.

No Fruit, No Fruit juice, no caffeine and before you know it you will be back on track with all sugar cravings gone.  You may have withdrawal symptoms, just keep drinking copious amounts of tap water. Stay away from fizzy sparkling waters, stick with natural , still water.

If you need to talk just call. anytime. I’m always at the end of the phone. Best of luck for 2017 and may it be the year you changed the habits of a lifetime and embraced a healthier lifestyle. The TMD will help you achieve this Goal.  . Ken 086 8167534