Saturday 7th November & Monday 9th November

Hi Folks,

Well its a wet and windy November day today, the 6th November. We are all in shock at the change in the weather. It’s amazing how it changes so quickly and we’re suddenly into wintry cold weather. That’s why we are giving you two soups it’s the time of the year when you need something hot at lunch time.

Don’t be tempted to eat more because you are cold. It’s really not the way to go. Stick with the plan of ‘A little and often’… Eat your seeds if you feel the need to nibble on anything. Don’t skip any snack or any meal , it is vital that you keep your blood sugars balanced at all times.

Look out for the temptations to comfort eat, be kind to yourself and don’t lose sight of your dream to shed the pounds before Christmas. You can and will lose the weight – its guaranteed you just have to eat what we give you and follow the plan.

Stay away from caffeine , only decaffeinated drinks and stick with the still water but drink plenty of it.  Have agreat weekend.  Call me anytime Ken 0868167534