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The Diet Provides all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need and will help to boost your metabolism. The diet is Portion controlled – A balanced diet


Our diet saves you so much time and energy. No more meal planning or shopping headaches for you. A temperature controlled bag with your meals is delivered three times a week.


The Taylor made diet has a proven track record of helping achieve weight loss.

Ken Taylor


Ken Taylor has worked in the food business for the last 20 years successfully running both a French and Italian restaurant. So your palate will be pampered from day one.

Ken has spent the last couple of years researching and developing the Taylor Made Diet. This diet was born out of a personal need for both Ken and his wife Paula to shed those excess pounds gained while enjoying the spoils of working in the Restaurant Business

Ken’s food is developed out of a passion for Real Food. The Taylor Made Food is both nutritionally balanced and very, very tasty. His experience in the restaurant trade and his passion for good food has led him to create the delicious, healthy nutritionally balanced food that he prepares daily for you as part of the Taylor Made Diet.

Ken knows the importance of variety and taste in food. Ken knows that we eat with all our senses and so he has created a diet that will enable you to diet and lose those excess pounds in a convenient and enjoyable way. So sit back, think of the culinary delights that ken will create for you and watch those excess pounds melt away as you enjoy delicious menus created by Ken.

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