Thursday 30th July and Friday 31st July 2015

Hi Guys ,

Well our good friend Te was conferred with her doctorate , no mean feat I add and we just had to celebrate . Isn’t it funny how no matter how hard you try to avoid the celebrations in life they just keep arriving on your doorstep. Well we had agreat night , too much wine but good choices on the food front. I was surprise at how pleasant it is to nibble tapas when with good friends , good conversation and tasty nibbles.

Remember that it is imperative that the fruit you eat always has a berry on the end, so blueberries are your best choice, then other berries like raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, loganberries etc. The key is to order berries for dessert, you are at least choosing the best fruit choice to support the Taylor made lifestyle diet.

Always drink copious amounts of water and always carry a bottle of non carbonated water with you. Avoid caffeine it causes sugar cravings and you don’t need the temptation.Watch out for soft drinks that have caffeine. Drink ONLY still water ,

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