Thursday 10th June & Friday 11th June 2015

Hi Folks,

Well wow we got the sunshine today , what a shock to the system. I hope you weren’t caught out like me in winter clothes. Was shocked as I drove with my window down today to see cyclists baring all such was the heat in the sun. Isnt it amazing how teh bodies come out to garze and no shane bare all once the sun is shining.

You will see all shapes and sizes from the grotesque to the divine and all baring their flesh. Folks, take caution if you’re not a pretty sight don’t expose all. These ‘flesh offenders’ should have signed up for The Taylor Made Diet. Just think you guys are all at minimum a stone down, feeling energised and proud to flaunt your stuff in the sun.

this si an ideal time to drink lots of water. as much water as you can is very importanty to consume. It will flush the toxins from your body, it will make your skin glow and it will alsomake you feel full. Ive said it many times , your water bottle filled with tap water or Kangen water if you have it is the one friend that will see you through the bad moments.

Just keep focused, enjoy the sunshine and don’t eat the icecreams, they are full of the dreaded sugar…
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