Thursday 13th August & Friday 14th August 2015

Hi Folks,
Well can you feel the trepidation, the poor students are all ill with anticipation at the dreaded Leaving Certificate results due out tomorrow. There will be elation and there will be disappointment and we as the elder melons will have to be there to support all outcomes. It’s a huge moment in all our lives, initially as students then as parents and then again for those lucky enough as grandparents. The anxiety remains the same and the concern that all will be able to overcome whatever is hurled at them tomorrow never changes.
It’s a funny old world and the more anxious we become sometimes we resort to binge eating or binge drinking. I’m hoping as converts to the Taylor Made lifestyle that you guys will be in a position to make the wise choice. It’s not always the easy choice but it always the best and the wisest choice.
Tomorrow will be a celebration of alcohol and food for some and a downer of the same level for others . Remember that food and alcohol are the vices we turn to to comfort us. This you know is a reality and anyone carrying excess weight will testify that their excesses are around emotional highs and lows. Remember that control of your life lies in your hands. Be careful , don’t allow your emotions to fill your stomach it is a never-ending cycle and one that will lead to frstration and ultimately disappointment and self loathing. Be kind to yourself and eat sensibly.¬†Good luck to the leaving certs of 2015