Thursday 19th & Friday 20th January 2017

Hi Folks,

A very big welcome to all our new clients – hope you are all enjoying the TMD. Remember that it takes 3-4 days for the benefits to kick in so stay focused. Fantastic results in have heard of 3 more TMD clients who are down a whopping 3 stone. Well done to Fionuala , she started last week and lost 8lbs in the week . Excellent result and that done without any sense of deprivation.

Remember the importance of grazing not gorging – it really is important as once your metabolism gets used to the fact that there is more food coming it will not store food as fat. That’s the secret and that’s why we eat 5 times a day and in small portions of slow sugar release foods.

Your mind plays an important part in developing a lifelong healthy eating plan – the TMD is the way to train for a new healthier lifestyle.

Water is essential so drink volumes daily at least 1.5litres. Alcohol should be avoided but if necessary keep with the vino as has no GL count, but folks it’s pure sugar. But I know we all need to go there for sanity at times. Just be careful and don’t binge.
Contact me with your concerns, ideas and weight loss at any time- I am always available.

Talk soon: Ken 086 8167534,