Thursday 23rd April & Friday 24th April 2015

Hi Folks,

Alcohol and weight gain A survey of over 19,000 non-obese women found that those who drink 15 grams of alcohol a day, which is the equivalent to a glass of wine, shot of a spirit or pint of beer, were almost 30% less likely to become overweight or obese. The most positive association was found with red wine, followed by white. From a glycaemic load point of view I’d be cautious about the pint of beer since this represents 20 GLs – on a low GL diet allow 5 GLs a day for drinks or desserts, which is the equivalent of half a pint of beer every other day or a low-carb lager every day (or a glass of wine).

I’d suggest that if you want to drink, then do so only moderately, sticking to less than a drink a day and choosing organic, sulfite-free wines and champagne when you can. Alcohol is detoxified by the liver but when you consume more than it can handle you may either find you lose consciousness or that you suffer from a horrible hangover (usually both). Hangovers are caused by an acidic and toxic substance called acetyldehyde which circulates in your blood when your liver is overloaded and is the reason you may suffer from a headache, nausea, mental and physical tiredness and aching muscles. Acidosis occurs when the blood has become too acid and is a cause of premature ageing and osteoporosis and can lead on to other disease states. Call me anytim ken 086 8167534