Thursday 30th April & Friday 31st April 2015

Hi Folks,

We’re just home from opening of ‘The Field’ , a really great production and well worth attending. But God is it wet out there tonight, we were like drowned rats as we made our way back to the car. The smell of indian food as we walked passed the late opening restuarants was so very tempting, but it was just too late. Remember it’s just not a good plan to eat late at night and the wasted calories really will make you feel bloated the following day. You are developing good habits on the Taylor Made Diet. You are learning that eating is a pleasure that you savour and enjoy, you don’t deprive yourself you just learn portion control and you soon realise by choosing to eat superfoods and slow release foods you will remain full longer. You won’t sleep well either after a late night feed. The best plan is to stick with the 5 day eating plan, a little nibble on your omega 3 nuts and seeds will stave off the hunger. Hummus is a good snack with raw vegetbles. Absolutely delicious

Don’t forget that 10 days into the diet and you can add fruit to your Taylor Made Diet plan. A small green apple, and any fruit that ends in ‘berry’ is a runner . What’s absolutely lovely first thing in the morning is your meusli topped with natural yoghurt and blueberries. Go on treat yourself. Call me anytime to discuss the plan or to suggest any dishes you would like me to create. We always value your feedback . Ken 086 8167534