Thursday 3rd July & Friday 4th july 2015

Hi Folks,

Well soak up the good weather it won;t last as you know. Be careful new Taylor Made Diet clients that you stay well away from fruit for the first 10 days. These first 10 days are essentially your detox days, at this point your body is realigning itself. your sugar levels are going to move to a more balanced state and You must steer well away from caffeine , in tea, coffee, soft drinks and other products. Caffeine makes you crave sugar. You know the boost of energy you get after a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate , we wat to avoid this at all costs. You may get the odd headache while you are detaoxing but this is usually only for a couple of days.

Buy in decaffeinated tea and coffee I guarantee you wont even notice after a few days. The herbal teas are lethal as many are full of sugar and also caffeine. READ THE LABELS. our cravings will begin to diminish. Avoiud fruit juice it is loaded with sugar . Remember only berries and only after 10 days on teh diet. Be careful at the beginning , you are developing new eatinmg habits not for teh short term but for teh rest of your life. The taylor Made lifestyle diet is the plan atht is going to change your life for ever.

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